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Bone Density

A bone density test is called a DXA or DEXA scan. This is not the same as a bone scan. A bone density test uses a small amount of x-ray to measure the amount of ...

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Breast MRI

Unlike a mammogram, which uses X-rays to create images of the breast, a breast MRI uses magnets and radio waves to produce detailed 3 ...

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Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to make a picture of the tissues inside the breast. A breast ultrasound can show all areas of the bre ...

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Computed tomography (CT), is noninvasive procedure that uses special x-ray equipment to produce cross sectional images of the body. Ea ...

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Digital X-Ray

Radiography is an imaging technique that uses electromagnetic radiation other than visible light, especially X-rays, to view the internal structure of a non-uniformly composed and ...

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Fluoroscopy is a study of moving body structures--similar to an X-ray "movie." A continuous X-ray beam is passed through the body part being examined. The beam is transmitted to a TV-like monitor ...

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Interventional Services

Interventional radiology (IR), also known as vascular and interventional radiology (VIR) or surgical radiology, is an independent medical specialty (previously a sub ...

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A mammography is a X-ray picture of the breast. It can be used to check for breast cancer in woman who have no signs or symptoms of the disease. When performed for this purpose, it is called ...

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. It is often used for disease detection ...

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine imaging uses small amounts of radioactive materials that are typically injected into the bloodstream, inhaled or swallowed. The radioactive material travels through the ...

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During a PET/CT scan, the patient is first injected with a glucose (sugar) solution that contains a very small amount of radioactive material. The substance is absorbed by the particular ...

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An ultrasound scan, also referred to as a sonogram, diagnostic sonography, and ultrasonography, is a device that uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of some part ...

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